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Yogurt to Get Rid of a Vaginal Infection - How to Use Yogurt for a Yeast Infection
The beneficial bacteria in yogurt is an excellent method to get rid of a vaginal infection. Specifically in the sense of a yeast infection where the bacteria can directly destroy yeast development. There are a few good ways to use yogurt to get rid of a vaginal infection. I'll list them out in this article and then I'll provide some other solutions to also try out for the best success.

Eat it - Of course you can eat yogurt, it must be unsweetened however as any sugar whatsoever will increase the yeast infection and make you suffer for an extended amount of time. Eating a brand of yogurt that is high in the bio active bacteria such as Bio-K is ideal, many other brands claim to contain bacterial cultures, but to put it in perspective a Bio-K yogurt contains as much beneficial bacteria as 50 yogurts of most other brands. So don't read into all the hype surrounding many popular brands advertised on TV for the most part they won't be able to make a dent into your infection.

Another form of yogurt you can try is Kefir. This is a yogurt made from goats milk, it too is very high in beneficial bacteria and can be easier to digest than normal yogurt. As well try to only use organic yogurt as any other kind will contain hormones and steroids passed on from the cows milk.

Apply it - By this I mean take some yogurt and apply it to any and all affected areas of the vagina. You can also freeze yogurt into popsicles or ice cubes and apply it this way to provide an additional cooling sensation for a burning yeast infection.
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